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My unforgettable experience in Śrem

I’m a participant of student organization called AIESEC. I came to Poland to teach children primary schools about my country and my culture (breaking some stereotypes on my way). The other task was to help children to overcome the barrier they might have and help them practice some English.

From the very first day we came I was amazed and that feeling of amazement didn’t leave me till the very last day.

Never had I thought that I might meet so many beautiful people at one time and at one place. The more kept learning about the school, its establishment, teachers and children the more astonished I was. Highly qualified teachers treat children with love and respect; school in its turn does its best to provide children with safe and interesting environment supplying classrooms with different kind of toys, games, books, and setting up wide variety of extra curriculum activities. Conducting classes in this school turned for me into pure pleasure. Not only because all the children were very polite, friendly and knowledgeable but as well most of them (especially older as well as small ones) spoke very good English what made our cooperation easier and a lot more productive. For that special thanks I’d like to send to all the teachers. Although your job is very hard you did great! Not only you taught children English but you still manage to keep them interested in learning it day after day.

I’ve spent in Srem only 5 days. One might say it’s not enough to get to know people or get close. I say it’s possible. I myself experienced it. I knew living is always hard but I didn’t plan letting myself get so emotional but eventually I even cried on our last day. I guess I was just overwhelmed by all the good memories I had. For that I would like to thank all the teachers and stuff. THANK YOU for taking such a great care of us and treating us as one of you, although were total strangers. Thank you for giving such a great memories that we’ll cherish till the end of our lives.

You were my 3rd school but definitely one of the best!
Miss you all and hope we’ll meet one day again ;)


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